Day 6 – Part 1 – Hama Rikyu Gardens

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I just finished the previous two days’ blog posts and the morning is kinda fuzzy. Anyway the plan was to visit Hama Rikyu Gardens and then the Tsukiji fish market.

While writing this post, I realized that I had little to say about the garden but lots of nice pictures. So this is part 1 of day 6 which will basically be pictures of the garden, I’ll followup with a separate post about the rest of the day.

We took the train there as per usual and I got a couple of city pictures on the way there that I liked:

As we were approaching the garden, I noticed that there was a Pokemon there that I didn’t have. Yay! I went straight for him and caught the sucker:

I ended up hatching one and catching a second one, all in one day!

So anyway back to real life… the view walking in was amazing:

The first non-naturey thing we saw when we got there was “The Former Inabu Shrine”:

Not sure how this panorama is going to turn out on the blog but hey:

Another panorama

Ok now I have a little bit to say. So basically this garden used to be somewhere where they hunted ducks using falcons, and the garden is kinda like a memorial to honor those ducks.

Here’s one of the things that humans would hide in
This was way harder to upload than I care to describe
We ended up resting here

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