Day 6 – Part 2 – Tsukiji fish market and more

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So following the Hama Rikyu Gardens, we took a short walk over to the famous Tsukiji fish market, ready for sushi lunch. The first place we saw looked great but Jesse pointed out we shouldn’t go to the first place we see (even though we were hungry). After a few minutes we found a place, Sushizanmai, that looked good and we hopped in line. Jesse wisely took a sniff of the place before we went in to ensure there was no cigarette smoke, especially after we saw a sign saying there was smoking on the third floor.

When we got to the front of the line, the host asked if upstairs (second floor, right?) was ok and we said yeah. I had taken a sniff at the bottom of the stairs and had no problem, but I proactively got Google Translate ready with a request for downstairs, just in case. When we were finally being lead up the stairs, we ended up skipping the second floor as it was blocked off and we went straight to the third. I had quite an oh-shit moment, but I sniffed a bunch and there was no issue at all. Phew!

The market was super crowded so I didn’t really get pictures of it but I did for lunch:

The front one was the most expensive thing on the menu and it was so good; I forget the name
We hadn’t had sushi for two days and I was SO craving it
Loved the portion size!
The vanilla bean ice cream was SO GOOD

This was seriously some of the best sushi of my life. It was just so fresh and melted in your mouth. I would definitely come back here, though my understanding is that this market just generally has a ton of good sushi.

On our way out I wanted to grab some crystallized ginger I saw on the way in, but they had free samples and when I tried it, it had a funny taste. Definitely disappointing, I like crystallized ginger.

Next up we decided to go to Ueno park. On the way there we saw a big Buddhist temple and decided to take a look:

It was huge

The inside was pretty extravagant but beyond this, there wasn’t much to see:

Couldn’t get any closer, unfortunately

After a few short minutes there we decided to keep going. I thought this picture from a walking bridge was cool:

When we got to the park, it was immediately gorgeous:

So many cherry blossoms!

It was overcast but still very pretty:

While walking through the park we came upon some pull-up bars Jesse and Mikel wanted to stop for:

I took video of them going for it, mostly to make Mikel uncomfortable

I also did three pull-ups, which was one or two more than I thought I would be able to do. I could have done more, but it would have been a struggle and I didn’t want to be sore. I’m a wuss, I know.

There was a little lake where people were using paddle boats:

We considered it, but it was too cold; definitely in the summertime though

From here, we decided to walk back to the place. Here is a picture we thought was cool, no other reason for it:

Once again, on the way, we saw and stopped at a temple. This one was much, much smaller and I wasn’t even sure it was ok to walk around. When we did though we saw one person who said hello and didn’t seem uncomfortable with us there. We got some great photos:

We got back to the place around 4:15pm I think. We just relaxed, and I mostly worked on blog posts since I was behind. Around 6:30pm I walked by myself to a dessert place nearby where I thought I had seen chocolate mousse cake; Jesse was sore and Mikel wasn’t interested. That was my first / only time walking around the city by myself and it felt good to feel confident walking around in such a foreign place, so far from home.

When I got there, it I couldn’t find the cake. I looked at the other stuff, and none of it looked appealing to me. Bummer. I walked back, empty handed, but at least I nabbed a couple of Volbeats on the way.

We went to dinner pretty late, after 8pm. We decided to go back to the standing sushi place, and that was great. Although the fish market may have had some of the best sushi I have ever had, the standing sushi place had amazing seaperch (I should have gotten a picture of it).

On the way back we stopped at a Turkish ice cream place. Apparently this is a thing, which I didn’t know, but they make a show of it and trick you into thinking you’re getting the ice cream even though they’re not done yet. They used a long metal pole to collect it, and stuck the cone to the ice cream which was stuck to the pole, held it out, and when you try to grab it they rotate it and pull away. If I was by myself I might have been annoyed but honestly it was hilarious. We each went through it and I regret not getting a video of it happening to Mikel. Whoops.

This was our last night in Tokyo (other than our last night of the trip, since we’re flying out of Tokyo), which meant laundry day. Mikel and Jesse did a load together and couldn’t figure out how to dry the clothes after they were washed. Jesse did some research and apparently driers are not much of a thing in Japan. They ended up using the heater to dry things and I decided to save my laundry for the place in Osaka.

This was our last real day in Tokyo, glad it was great!

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Fitbit step count for the day: 29,595

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