Japan 2019 – Day 9 – Part 2 Osaka Aquarium and more

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After the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park, we wanted to grab lunch. Being tired of finding out places allow smoking, we used a website Jesse found that is specifically for places that disallow smoking. We picked a sushi place which was a train away and a bit of a walk away. When we got “there,” we realized somehow we were mistaken about the address and had to re-find it. So we did, and after fifteen minutes we realized the place was closed even though Google Maps said it was open. UGH!

So we backtracked to a ramen place that had smelled good and had a no-smoking sign. It used a ticket machine, like the place we liked in Tokyo, and we each got our own thing. Google Photos isn’t saving my pictures in order anymore (another UGH! makes blog posting so much harder!) so you’ll just have to believe me that I ate lunch.

After lunch, we went to Legoland!

Just kidding. But we did walk by that giraffe. And apparently there’s a Legoland in Osaka. We actually went to the aquarium.

It ended up being packed inside and Mikel and I were not feeling it. Jesse is much more patient with crowds, so he got all the pictures I’ll be posting. Mikel and I looked a little bit, but basically just went through really fast, rested at the Starbucks at the end, and waited for Jesse. Bummer, I know, but I had mentally prepared for our third aquarium to be a flop anyway and at least Jesse was having a good time.

Anyway, here are pictures and such (more on Google Photos) and I’ll talk about dinner afterward:

I’m just going to take an intermission here to say when I first started blogging, Google Photos kept everything in chronological order and it made going through the album fantastic for rebuilding the day and writing the post, but now they seem jumbled and it makes writing this blog massively less enjoyable so if you feel like the quality is tanking, blame Google.

That’s enough of my complaining, back to pictures:

Ok more complaining for a second – I’m so tired of aquarium pictures omg

Oh actually apparently that’s everything. I thought I had a lot more coming. Cool. Anyway to wrap up the aquarium, here’s a video of penguins getting fed.

Also Jesse and I were just looking at Google Photos and it’s completely jumbled. It’s so frustrating that I literally had the thought of just giving up on blogging the rest of the trip (tomorrow) but we plan visiting the bamboo forest and Nara Park, both of which ought to be very photogenic. Uuuuugh. I guess I only have to tolerate it one more day, but I might keep it short tomorrow. Anyway, dinner…

So Jesse found a non-smoking sushi place a ten minute walk away. What could go wrong, right? So we make the trek (in the rain) and find the place is booked solid for the night. That’s quite a bummer.

So Jesse hits the non-smoking site again and finds a place, but we have to take the train. Ok. So we do that, and we get to the train station where the restaurant is (this isn’t as sketch as it would sound in the US) and we spend maybe 10 minutes looking for the place. We find a map, and are so close to finding it when, get this, an announcement comes over the PA saying there’s a fire on the 8th floor and the building is to be evacuated. I shit you not. Dinner in Osaka just can’t be easy!

So after a couple moments’ hesitation we “evacuate” (move ~20 feet away, out the door). So we stand literally right outside the door saying “oh my god” for a little while, watching people evacuate, when we notice there’s a restaurant from which no one is leaving. That’s odd. So we go back in to see if the PA is still going off, and it’s not. Cool…

So we decide to continue searching for the sushi place, and we find it. We get in line, and guess what happens next? Yeah, you guessed it – the fire alarm went off again. But only for a second. Everything is fine.

It’s a standing sushi place, we get a spot pretty quickly, and we have great sushi. It wasn’t as good as the other standing place, but it was great. Jesse and I were delighted two pieces of toro are under $4 – we recently paid $9 for a single piece in the US (as a splurge). The total from the three of us comes out to $67 USD. A ton of sushi for three people for such a deal! We only had to pay for the plane tickets and train card and spend a lot of time. What a bargain.

Per Mikel’s idea, we go searching for ice cream. That should be easy, right? Ok but actually it was. Here’s the evidence:

The cashier there didn’t seem to speak any English, so it was a lot of pointing, but we all got exactly what we wanted. We came home to relax, in preparation for a long day tomorrow. We’re going to visit Kyoto and plan to visit the bamboo forest and Nara park, before taking the bullet train back to Tokyo to spend the night before our flight home.

Fitbit step count for the day: 23,222

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